The following series are summarized in the following packages collate:



   - Privat Photo
   - Portfolio 1
   - Portfolio 2
   - Adult

   - Portrait
   - Fashion
   - Swimsuit
   - Lingerie
   - Glamour-nude
   - Erotic


The fashion are casual, sporty and sexy, the cool, extreme, etc.. clothing. The portfolio is mainly a portfolio upgrade package, packages 2 of the portfolio rather suggest to create a new portfolio.
The adult package is optional in any series, but the glamor-nude erotic series is only part of the package may be an adult.
A photography studio made, upon request of their environment or other external locations.
The photography prize amount of influence on the series, the required size and quantity of prints, bigger venue, the travel distance. If required an extra fee I can provide make-up artist and hairdresser.

The photography of possible locations, number of pieces the finished images, ways to transfer more details and a quotation for your name, e-mail address, telephone number and entering the desired photo to send a letter indicating the turbo@turbofoto.hu address.

NEW! Retouching the materials provided NEW!

If you have a picture, which is not so successful, as I wanted and want to change (whether by retouching, or even setting up the lights, the background replacement), but you do not understand the image editing programs, then the right place! These solutions can also help. All work on specific pricing, which depends on the topic and the task modification. For details, fill out the form below to send it to me and a couple of days after you pick up the connection.


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