Was born in 1982 in Szombathely, still live and create here. My interests wide, it demonstrates that I attended in a number of professional and academic human race, and several results appeared rather handsome. In 2005 I obtained a degree in mechanical engineer-engineer teacher.

The photography came into contact with me in the years of university and right away I knew that the future will play a significant role in my life. In the spring of 2005 I bought my first camera, and after cca. 20,000 photos I switched to the DSLR in late 2007 what I'm still using.

Last year I was involved in a modelcamp as photographer and some girl entered a beauty contest with several of my photos, and was who won the actual vote.

I constantly learn, because I think, it is no perfect knowledge. That is why I am very critical of their own against my photos.

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